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Behind the Memoirist

I was depressed and suicidal when I found writing — it saved my life.  Writing helped me express myself in ways that I hadn’t before.


I was able to dive deep into my feelings which ultimately allowed me to heal. I stopped being the victim and started taking control of my life.

Memoir writing didn’t come naturally for me, especially being the introvert I am. In memoir your share parts of your life that are both intimate and painful.


I had to learn storytelling techniques, sentence syntax, structure, voice, forms, and other devices to improve my memoir writing. I attended writing workshops and even took classes on creative writing. I'm currently pursuing an M.F.A degree at the University of Baltimore where I graduated with a bachelor's in English. 


Writing changed the trajectory of my life so much that I now encourage others to write so they can Heal Grow & Evolve After A Mental Diagnosis™ too.

Get out of the passenger seat in life and start driving. It’s a matter of life and death – YOURS.

Kristy Towson

Kristy Towson, Anthologist
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